Mutley's Dog Crime Lab is one of the largest dog poop DNA processing labs in the world. Mutley is responsible for accurately matching dog poop with the dogs that failed to scoop.

Hired by apartment complexes and property management companies across the United States, Mutley uses the most advanced tools and processes to isolate genetic markers from dog poop and match them with the poopetrators.

Using Mr dog Poop's proprietary CRIME LAB Database poopetrators are booked, fined and often ejected from their property for multiple violations.

And while dog poop DNA matching may seem like a joke to many people, no one is laughing at the dog poop on the bottom of their feet.

Mutley's process is scientific, accurate and inexpensive and is the fastes growing dog poop DNA lab in the world.

Using advanced DNA Technology to stop the dog poop in your community
Dogs in each community are swabbed just like you see on the TV crime shows. That swab is sent back to the dog poop DNA lab in Tampa FL where Mutley leads a team of scientists to extract the DNA strands from the swab and create a genetic fingerprint for each dog.
Dog poop is collected at the crime scene and mailed to the DNA lab for processing. In a process much like the one used to test the swab samples, the poop has its own genetic fingerprint which will match one of the dogs in the community.

Our CRIME LAB database searches through millions of genetic markers to match the DNA on the dog poop with the dogs. CRIME LAB is the most powerful dog poop DNA matching tool in the world. Its like Google except that it searches dog poop.

With DNA technology, poop criminals have nowhere to run and hide. Technology has caught up with careless dog owners that don't care about the environment or the safety of other humans.

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